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Here you can find some FAQs at Green Power International, Our goal is to generate oriented sales by our staff members which enables us to meet the clients expectations in timely manner.
  • Where are Gpi Products from?
    Green Power International’s technology is designed, developed and manufactured in China. Like most brands in the market today, we source our physical products in China to deliver an affordable product, without compromising the quality.
  • How long has Green Power International been in Uganda?
    Green Power International was incorporated in 2017 and since then has been operating in Uganda. Uganda is our home market, we are committed to becoming Africa’s leading energy brand by using quality and cost-effective solar system solutions to transform people’s quality of life.
  • Do you deliver and install solar systems for free?
    With the purchase of a solar system, Green Power International shall deliver and install your system at an additional cost within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the deposit payment. Any foreseeable delays in the delivery or installation of your solar system shall be communicated to you.
  • How can I contact GPI?
    Call our Office line 0393241637 for inquiries about products, payments or deliveries. Visit our office on Plot 120, Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi Kampala.WhatsApp us on 0705823084.You can also follow us on our social media handles.
  • How long do the batteries last?
    All our batteries are sold with a one year warranty, however the batteries have a much extended lifetime when the system is used as guided by our technicians during installation.
  • If I have a service issue, how long does it take to solve my problem?
    Service cases are dealt with within 14 days, extending to 28 if the product has to be taken back to HQ for repair.
  • Will my system work at night?
    Solar panels do not generate electricity without sunlight, so they will not work at night. However, that is the reason why your system should include a battery to provide electricity in the night.
  • Do your solar solutions heat water?
    No. We do not provide solar water heaters as part of our solutions, although we will soon get that on board as well.
  • How long will my solar power system last?
    In terms of warranty, the solar panels have 20-year warranty, the batteries have 2-year warranty and the inverter has 1 year warranty. However, in terms of output from the solar panels, the panels will produce electricity through out the day as long as there is sunlight.
  • Do I need to install batteries with my solar power system?
    Batteries provide backup power in times when solar panels cannot generate electricity such as in the night. They are also essential in providing power for critical loads that require power supply at all times such as medical equipment. Therefore, based on your power requirements and usage, you may need to include a battery in your solar power system.
  • If I am changing from grid power to solar system, do I need to rewire the entire house?
    No. Since the loads consume AC power, the only wiring needed will be that of the solar system and not of the entire house.
  • Is my solar system covered by warranty? What warranties of the solar system do you have?
    Yes, it is. The solar panels have 20-year warranty, the batteries have 2-year warranty and the inverter has 1 year warranty.
  • Why is my solar power system working inefficiently?
    It could be because of shading, if the panels are not receiving adequate sunlight due to obstructions like trees, or temperature. Please provide us with your location so that we have the technicians over for diagnosis of the problem better.
  • How much do residential home solar panels cost?
    The cost varies based on your power requirements. Please share your power requirements and we shall advise.
  • Should I include batteries in my solar pumping system?
    No. Batteries are not necessary for a solar pumping system.
  • What is the life expectancy of the solar street lights?
    8 years.
  • Who can I contact for more inquiries about solar engineering services?
    Call our office line – 0393241637 or Email:
  • Is borehole water safe for drinking?
    Absolutely Yes, because it is not contaminated.
  • How deep can your borehole drilling?
    The Gpi rig can drill up to a depth of 500 meters.
  • How much does borehole drilling cost?
    Costs are determined by the estimated depth to be drilled
  • How long does it take to drill a borehole?
    It takes 3-7 days depending on the type of formation (terrain)
  • How long will the borehole last? (Lifespan)
    Over 25 years without repairs IF properly managed
  • Who can I contact for more inquiries about borehole drilling services?
    Call our office line – 0393241637 or Email: