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IP 500-22 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

IPower series is a kind of pure sine wave inverter which can convert. 12/24/48VDC to 220/230VAC(or 110/120VAC). Industrial design, compared with the civil design, has a wider operating temperature, easy installation and operation. The wide input voltage range is ideal for solar system application. The inverter can be applied in many fields, such as household emergency lighting system, vehicle mounted system and small field power supply etc. Rated Input Voltage: 24VDC Input Voltage Range: 21.6~32VDC Input Surge Voltage: <44VDC Output Voltage:2 2 0 V A C ( ± 5%) 230VAC (-10% ~ + 5%) Output Frequency 50/60±0.1Hz Output Continuous Power: 280W Output Power 15 min: 350W Surge power: 750W Output Wave: Pure sine wave Distortion THD: THD≤3%① Max. Efficiency: 92% Overall Dimension(mm): 232.2 × 132 × 74.5mm Mounting Dimension: 205 × 102 mm Net Weight: 1.7 kg